What are P2P Carpooling Apps_ Discover How Shared Rides Are Booked

What are P2P Carpooling Apps? How Shared Rides Are Booked

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What is P2P, or peer-to-peer ridesharing? Also known as carpooling sometimes, this ridesharing concept has become the most sought-after alternative for people who regularly travel intercity. Here, people share their car with one or more passengers traveling to the same destination.

However, instead of a professional taxi driver, the individual who offers the shared ride is a regular app user. Lots of people are now using ride-sharing services. Thanks to mobile apps like BlaBlaCar and Uber, people have become more aware of this service, drastically raising its demand.

Carpooling apps like BlaBlaCar are interesting, right?

Indeed, it is. Let’s explore more about ridesharing.

Fascinating Statistics about Shared Rides

In 2023, the shared ride market is anticipated to generate revenue of US$458.80 billion. Moreover, revenues are expected to increase in the coming years, as the industry shows a CAGR of 3.71%.

In a report, Statista.com mentions that by 2027, there will be approximately 2,331 million users in the shared ride market.

Additionally, by 2027, online service sales will account for about 61% of all revenue generated in the shared ride market.

How are Rides Booked on Carpooling Apps like BlaBlaCar?

If you are wondering how users can book rides on the carpooling app, then here’s a step-by-step explanation.

Explained below is the standard workflow of a ridesharing app. Therefore, if you are planning to launch a BlaBlaCar Clone, this is what your app’s workflow should look like.

1.   Download and create an account

The user must first install the app on their smartphone. Once the installation is complete, they must sign up and create an account to begin booking the ride.

To sign up for the app, the user can use their Facebook or Gmail social accounts.

Once they have successfully registered, users can edit their profiles by changing or adding their full name and address, verifying their phone number, etc.

2.   Search for shared rides

After setting up the profile, users can start searching for rides.

They need to enter where they want to depart from and their destination. Also, they need to specify the date and time they wish to travel.

After filling in essential details, they can click the search rides button to find relevant trips.

Within seconds of tapping the button, a list of available rides that match the search will be displayed on the screen.

Your users can see all the essential details on the BlaBlaCar Clone app. It includes the driver’s name, departure, and arrival points, date and time of the ride, ratings and reviews of the driver, etc.

Users will also know how many seats are available for booking and other specific instructions from the driver.

Additionally, they will be able to see the price per seat.

3.   Compare the available options

Users can now easily compare the available ride-share options.

Users can see the start and end locations on the posted ride and use maps to check which departure point is closest to their location. Similarly, they can also see if the end location is close to their destination.

Before making a booking, users can also see the vehicle model, license plate number, and booking fee charged under the driver’s name.

They also have the option to contact the driver. Therefore, if the passenger wishes to connect with the driver and ask a few questions, they can.

If the user likes the ride, they can go ahead and select the number of seats they want, choose the payment method, and start the ride.

4.   Booking confirmation

After the rider sends the request to the driver, they’ll have to wait until the driver accepts it. When the driver accepts the ride request, the user will instantly receive a confirmation message.

Well, now the users can enjoy their ride-sharing service.

Lastly, when the ride is over, both the users, that is, the rider and the driver, can give their feedback and ratings on the BlaBlaCar Clone.

Attractive Features of Ridesharing App

When developing your ride-sharing app, you need to consider integrating trendy features.

These are some essential and smart app features that you must incorporate in your BlaBlaCar Clone.

Face ID/Fingerprint login

Your users can log into the app using Face ID (iPhone) and Fingerprint Recognition (Android).

In brief, users won’t have to worry about remembering their usernames and passwords when logging in to the app to book or publish a ride.

They can quickly get things done.

Live tracking

Users can also track the ride in real-time from start to finish. They can see which route they are traveling and their current location on the map.

Apart from keeping users updated on their current location, this feature also boosts a sense of safety for travelers.

Feedback and rating

BlaBlaCar Clone app users can also provide ratings and reviews easily.

The feedback section is helpful for the users as it helps them see ratings and comments provided by other users. Passengers, when sending ride requests, can see the ratings of the driver.

On the flip side, drivers will be able to see passengers’ ratings and reviews when accepting ride requests.

Multiple payments

BlaBlaCar-like ridesharing apps enable users to select the payment method they prefer the most.

For instance, when taxi booking a ride, the user can easily choose Cash, an in-app wallet, or a credit card to pay for the ride.

Providing multiple payment methods gives users the freedom to pay for the ride without worrying about carrying cash or cards.

Upload documents

This feature is especially useful for drivers, as they can use it to upload documents when publishing the ride.

From Identity Proof to a photo of their vehicle and License number, they can easily upload all the essential documents on the app.

Calculate time and fare

Drivers can add the price per seat they prefer. However, the app also provides them with suggested prices they can charge for every seat that’s booked.

This is where the system calculates the time and fare of the ride based on the start and end locations.

Should you Invest in a BlaBlaCar Clone?

The answer is YES!

Investing in a BlaBlaCar-like carpooling app will help you launch an online business that’s gaining popularity every day.

With more and more users registering for your app, you will also be able to make more profits.

Still not convinced? Here are a few other reasons why you should think about launching your carpooling application:

Growing Demand

The concept of sharing rides is undoubtedly gaining popularity. The key reason for this rise is its cost-effectiveness.

The app offers its users value in terms of money. In short, the rising demand for apps like BlaBlaCar is presenting a valuable market opportunity.

So, if you are planning to launch a similar app, this is the right time to get started.

Established presence

BlaBlaCar is a well-known ride-sharing platform. By launching a clone application, you can easily establish a successful business in the market.

As an entrepreneur, you can leverage this proven business model and start a business that’ll soon get high recognition in the market.


Launching a BlaBlaCar-like app will enable you to offer convenience to users.

Both the rider and the driver will be able to find compatible travel companions and share rides, therefore saving a lot of time and effort.

Make easy profits

You can generate revenue from the application. You can charge the user a certain Booking Fee.

Therefore, every time a user books a ride on the app, they will make money.

Moreover, if you launch your carpooling app using a ready-made solution, you can save money on the app development process.

Effortless business expansion

You can launch your BlaBlaCar clone in many countries and tap into the local markets.

Apps are not restricted by geographical boundaries, so you can expand your business to other regions.

Additionally, it will allow you to reach more people and change how people share rides in those regions.

This way, you will also gain a competitive advantage.

Final Thoughts

P2P carpooling apps have fueled a new way for users to travel from one location to another. Well, ridesharing is a more efficient, affordable, and sustainable way to commute than owning and driving a private vehicle.

Moreover, entrepreneurs from around the world are launching BlaBlaCar Clone apps. You should also invest in ridesharing app development that connects users in your area traveling to the same destination, allowing them to share rides.

People only pay for the rides they take on the app without worrying about the costs of car insurance, maintenance, or parking.

So, as technology continues to advance, P2P ridesharing will become even more popular. If you want to start an online business and conquer the market, this is your sign to launch a BlaBlaCar Clone.

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