gojo clone malaysia
gojo clone malaysia

GOJO Clone: Solve 3 Challenges of Taxi App Development

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Demand for mobile app development is rapidly growing. In 2016, the number of app downloads worldwide was 140.68 billion. Surprisingly, this number has increased to approximately 299 billion in 2023! Seeing the rising scale, one can easily assume that the statistical figure will shoot up in the future.

The numbers are remarkably higher in every corner of the world, including Malaysia. Would you believe that 84% of Malaysian apps are non-gaming focused? It means that the majority of the apps available in Malaysia are social media apps, taxi booking, productivity, food & grocery delivery apps, and so on.

Of all apps, 43% of the “total” revenue generated from the ride-hailing and taxi segment comes via online sales.

With the rise in taxi app usage, the demand for taxi app development is rising too! However, when developing the on-demand taxi app, one has to take up several challenges.

The good news is that today, one can effortlessly develop a taxi app like GOJO, Uber, or DiDi in Malaysia, thanks to the pre-built solutions!

What Are Pre-built Taxi Apps like GOJO?

Pre-built taxi apps are ready-to-launch solutions that are designed and developed by professionals.

These taxi booking apps like GOJO come integrated with a set of advanced features, catering to the needs of taxi riders in Malaysia. Real-time tracking, fare calculations, online payments, in-app calling/messaging, etc., are some features that are pre-integrated into the app.

Two of the most prominent reasons people opt for ready-made taxi apps are because they are quick to develop and require small investments only.

Additionally, entrepreneurs can skip through all the hassles of building the app from scratch.

Ready-made apps provide entrepreneurs the flexibility to white-label the app according to their branding and taxi business requirements.

Overall, a pre-built taxi app helps streamline business operations and easily enhance the user experience.

Why is the GOJO Clone Taxi App the Best Choice?

There are a plethora of reasons why launching a taxi app will benefit you.

However, developing a GOJO Clone app will still be the best choice for your online taxi business. And, here’s why:

1. Multiple taxi services in one app

GOJO is a popular taxi application that allows people in Malaysia to book multiple cab services.

For example, by installing the application once, users can book rides that will take them from point A to point B quickly.

Users who want to travel from one city to another can also book intercity rides using the application.

2. Quick rides

Using smartphones, users can quickly book rides and be on the way. The system searches for the nearest driver and sends the ride request.

As soon as the driver accepts the request, they come to pick up the rider and start the trip without delay.

3. Verified drivers

All the drivers registered on the mobile application go through the admin’s manual verification.

The driver can start getting trip requests from the riders only after their profile is verified by the admin. Therefore, users can ride worry-free by booking a GOJO-like taxi app.

A few of the other features hat the pre-built GOJO Clone solution comes pre-integrated are:

  • Live location of the taxi on the map

Book instant rides or schedule them

Call or chat with the driver

Details of the taxi and the driver

Share ride status with contacts

Top-up the wallet

See transaction history

Refer and earn

Now, don’t you think that with all of these plus points, launching your own GOJO-like taxi app would be the most suitable choice?

Indeed it will be.

What about the challenges? Will investing in the pre-built on-demand application help you tackle them?

Let’s explore!

Solving 3 Challenges of Taxi App Development with GOJO Clone

Enlisted below are 3 challenges that you, as the taxi app owner may have to face when building your app. .

Along with learning what these challenges might be, you will also get to see how to solve them!

#1 Choosing the right app development approach

The app development approach refers to choosing the method of app development. The most common app development approaches are –  hybrid, native, or web-based apps.

Based on the nature of the business and plans, deciding the right approach is crucial at the initial stages.

Hybrid apps work on multiple platforms, and native apps work specifically on one platform. On the other hand, web-based apps work on browsers!

Additionally, when deciding on the app development approach, you need to plan how the app will look and feel.

How will a pre-built app help?

When you opt for a read-made taxi solution, you will get a hybrid application that works well on both the iOS and Android app, all that at the cost of one.

#2 Developing interactive apps

It is difficult to build an interactive application that attracts and retains users effortlessly.

Technically, an interactive app is designed to engage with users by providing real-time feedback and engaging features.

Moreover, interactive applications are used to provide personalized experiences to the users by involving their input, touch gestures, and so on.

Usually, entrepreneurs forget about this little but impactful element when developing their taxi app like GOJO.

How will a pre-built app help?

Your taxi booking solution is pre-built and pre-integrated with multiple interactive features like Fingerprint Scanning and Face ID. Moreover, the application is already developed using high-quality images and buttons, great fonts, quick response time, and so on.

#3 Keeping things simple

Taxi app owners often face the challenge of creating a mobile app that is both user-friendly and easy to understand.

It becomes a hassle for some to adopt a simple app structure and incorporate “necessary” elements only.

Building a taxi app like GOJO with a simple design and function helps users to navigate through it effortlessly.

How will a pre-built app help?

A pre-built application is already designed, developed, and tested by entrepreneurs like you. If the base app has worked for others, it will work for you as well, but with a few tweaks.

If you opt for a ready-made solution made using modern technologies, you will find that they are simple and have smooth navigation in-built.

On top of that, investing in a pre-built GOJO Clone will save you from the hassles of designing the app from scratch.

Wrapping Up:

Now that you know the top 3 challenges you may face when building a taxi app like Gojo in Malaysia, why don’t you take up the risk and launch your own online business?

Well, it is the right time to kick off a new online taxi business in the country.

Remember, when planning the app development of your GOJO Clone app, get an expert on board who can help you build a perfect app in no time.

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